The Cost Of Artificial Grass Product

1. The Cost Of Artificial Grass Product
Different applications have different requirements for the specifications, and different specifications mean different cost. The major specifications are materials, pile height, dtex, and stitch density.
Main Factors That Will Affect the Artificial Grass Cost:
Many factors works together to determine the artificial grass pricing. Materials,  face weight (Determined by Pile height, Dtex, and Stitch Density ) and backing are three main factors. Order quantity will affect the production cost as well.
Generally speaking, the materials for sports grass are different from the materials used for landscape grass.They are made with different priorities: sport grass focuses on motion performance, player protection, and wear-resistance; While landscape grass pays more attention to appearance(Look as good as real grass, or even better) UV-resistance, and safety. Besides,
Face Weight
Pile height, Dtex, and Stitch Density work together to determine the face weight. Face weight is an important factor affecting artificial grass performance and cost. The reason is obvious: heavier face weight means more materials and results in a higher price.
The most common backings are SBR coated backing and polyurethane(PU) coated backing. Polyurethane packing is better but with much higher price(about USD1.0 higher per square meter). Latex backing is good enough in most cases. More information about backing, please visit post The Facts of Artificial Grass Backing.

Post time: Dec-01-2020